Wednesday, November 15, 2006

New Morning

I have not posted in ages. A lot has happened since I last posted. Baseball has crowned a new champion. NFL Football is half way through another season. Mid-term elections were held.

It's good for the Cardinals that they won. Being a Mets fan, it was disappointing to lose in the NLCS. We were missing two of our better pitchers. Those are the breaks. It will be interesting to see what Minaya does in the offseason. Will the Mets go after Zito? That's to be determined.

The NFL season has seen its share of ups and downs. The Eagles have been very up and down. I reveled in Matt Bryant's sixty-two yard game winning field goal. I am not a Philadelphia area native, so I have no special love for the Eagles. Due to the lackluster NFC East, they are very much alive for the playoffs. Due to injuries, the NY Giants look like they might be in trouble. It all depends on how long Strahan is out.

The elections were the results a lot of us have finally been waiting for. The Democrats finally regained control of both houses of Congress. The one downer was Lieberman winning in Connecticut. I used to live there and know what kind of weasel he really is. I was rooting for Lamont. He would have made Connecticut proud. I hope Murtha wins the race for Majority Leader. He isn't the best choice, but given Murtha or Hoyer, I'll take Murtha each time. I can't wait for January. I want to see what investigations are opened. Goodness knows there are plenty of avenues they can go. Whether anyone will go to jail remains to be seen.