Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bruce and Clear Channel

Howie has a great post about Clear Channel and how media consolidation is a dangerous thing. Going after the Dixie Chicks wasn't enough. They are going after Bruce now. It figures, Clear Channel is owned by right wing hacks. They are afraid of people speaking out against Bush.

Friday, October 19, 2007

In Dodd We Trust

I just want to give a shout out to Senator Dodd from Connecticut. It's about time someone took a stand for the Constitution. Isn't that what all Senators and Representatives(not to mention the President) promised to defend when they took office? There is no reason for companies to be granted immunity for willfully violating the law, whether the President asks you to or not. I am glad he's willing to filibuster the FISA bill. I am heartened as well to see Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Biden promise to join him. I am greatly disappointed in the top three presidential candidates. Obama put out a tepid statement saying it was a bad bill. That's not good enough!! I am greatly disappointed in John Edwards. He should have said something long before now. There has been no word from Hillary Clinton. Frankly, it doesn't suprise me at all. It's too bad she won't take the opportunity to be a leader. If the Constitution is not important enough for her, what is?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Conscience of a Liberal

Paul Krugman had a post yesterday on his new-ish NYT sponsored blog about his upcoming book tour. He said when he did his last tour, four years ago, that it was like an old time revival. People were just happy someone was speaking out against the Bushies. He says he has no idea what it will be like this time. It will make that tour seem like a Sunday pancake breakfast fundraiser at the local firehouse.

Is there anybody out there??

The events of the past few days make me wonder. Has the Republican party become so corrupted that it has outlived its usefulness? What brings this to mind is the saga of the Frost family of Baltimore. They have been attacked by elements of the Republican party for using S-Chip to pay the health insurance bills of their children. Why do I call them elements of the Republican party? Because the White House supports them. They host conferences for these fear and hate mongers. They've had people like Rush Limbaugh to the White House to make sure Limbaugh is up to the minute on the latest talking points. So what do you call it when Michelle Malkin sits in for Bill O'Reilly? And has Malkin ever stepped in it lately! She's been going around like a stalker trying to dig up dirt on the Frost family. Needless to say, it is obvious that she doesn't believe in Jesus, because he'd be disgusted by her actions too.

Joe Klein

I have to admit, I liked his Woody Guthrie biography. I don't understand what has happened to him ever since he decided to become a DC pundit. Glenn Greenwald and Atrios both make good points. Does Klein read about any of the topics before be comments on them? Do any of the DC punditry have a clue(Don't answer, it's a rhetorical question)? Its like they've got to the point of reflexively supporting whatever the government does. It's a very sad state of affairs.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Republicans are killing irony

See that? I want to know who was in charge of approving this. And people were thinking that once the Democrats retook Congress that there would be less material for Stewart and Colbert. I think this is one of many instances that proves that theory wrong.

Sing it, Ezra!!

Ezra Klein makes a great point. Go read it.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Adam Smith

Yes, that Adam Smith! Glenn Greeenwald had a great post today about the Beltway Establishment and how Smith pegged them 130 years before hand. It's a great read. How Smith was able to forsee Tweety's(that is Chris Matthews for anyone that doesn't know) obsession with Aqua Velva and Fred Thompson(or his other obsession, with the Clenis), I don't know. Or Teh Big Punkin's(Tim Russert) smarmy sanctimoniousness. Or the insane drivel of a Charles Krauthammer(aka Charles Kraphammer). These people have been wrong time and time again, yet haven't been banished to Siberia. Why? They aren't trustworthy. They are a festering sore upon the body politic.

Ron Paul fever. Catch it!!

I heard some interesting news today. Ron Paul out raised John "Walnuts" McCain last quarter. I am not a big fan of Paul's. The one good thing I can say about him is that he stands by his principles, unlike almost any other politician in Washington, D.C. I was suprised to see Charlie Gibson even mention him on the nightly ABC news. Can we finally bury the Straight Talk Express once and for all? I wish Paul all the success in the world. I hope he can outraise most of the field. It would make the Republican primary even more interesting than it already is(Just imagine if Newt had joined the field!!). The fun in this case is like watching Abbott & Costello, not because you'll get any debate on any of the candidates positions(except Paul).