Sunday, November 11, 2007

Krugman takes "Bobo" Brooks to school

A few months ago, Krugman published a column in the NYT taking David Brooks to task for some drivel he wrote. Now Krugman has done it again. As some may be aware, Krugman now has a blog on the NYT website. While it helps promote his new book, it also gives all of us a chance to hear more from him besides his two weekly columns.

On Friday, Brooks wrote about Ray-gun and his pandering to Republicans, letting them know he was on their side. He tries to white wash Ray-guns record. We all know that Ray-gun pandered to the racist elements in the Republican party.

Krugman, on his blog, lays out a lot of facts to prove Brooks wrong. He points out Ray-gun's "Cadillac driving welfare queens" comment among others. Heck, Matt Yglesias makes some further points that Krugman probably forgot about. In short, Brooks should learn how to use Google, or at least get his facts straight before he writes more garbage.

I am glad Krugman is calling Brooks out(even though he isn't calling him out by name). Anyone with half a brain can see that Krugman is calling Brooks a tool and a liar.