Thursday, January 05, 2006


By now for those that read this blog might be able to tell where I stand on some things. If being labeled a liberal is a bad word, it is too bad but I don't apologize. I believe the war in Iraq was doomed to failure from the beginning. I am not a pessimist, I just know folly when I see it. In Gen. Tommy Franks(he was the lead commander 3 years ago when the US got rid of Saddam) admit in his own autobiography that intelligence was weak and that they were unable to get a very good picture of what Iraq was up to. My contention always was that if there was really any harm that Israel would do something about it, since they did launch an air strike against Iraq in the early '80's when Iraq was trying to build a nuclear reactor. Is Saddam a bad guy? Sure he is! But there are many like him out there. Half of the African contient is filled with cruel dictators as well. Look at what is going on in Sudan, is there any call to remove that government? When it is the government that is behind the militias causing all the problems there. Later on today i'll post the lyrics to a song I like. Springsteen didn't write it but he has sung it in concert before, I only wish he sang it more often during the last full band tour.