Friday, January 20, 2006

Food for Thought

Some recent developments have made me wonder about a few things. Due to the controversy surrounding the hearings for Judge Samuel Alito's nomination to the Supreme Court, and now Bin Laden's videotaped statement calling for a truce, I have some questions about both. Does any clear thinking, level headed person believe Alito when he stated he can't recall anything about CAP(Concerned Alumni of Princeton)? It makes me wonder why on a federal job application he would be proud of being a member of a racist organization. Sen. Graham from South Carolina should be ashamed of himself for leading Alito in questioning about his membership in the organization. I also must take exception to the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee(except Sen. Feingold). They did this country no good when they took the opportunity to show the country just how in love with themselves they really are. It was disturbing and disgusting. I should also mention here that while I think Senator Feingold was the only one who questioned Alito in the manner in which the whole committee should have, I am a slight bit biased as I would vote for Feingold in 2008 with out hesitation. He is not afraid of the current administration and their smear tactics.
For those of you that don't know, a videotape was aired yesterday that contained a speech by Bin Laden. On the tape he offered a truce. He didn't offer any conditions on it, not like it would make a difference. I don't know what we are waiting for with this guy. Personally, I thought the Iraqi war was a distraction from finidng this guy and bringing him to justice. The one thing this tape does make me wonder though, is if there really is another attack planned, and what exactly is it. My bigger concern is that the FBI is smart enough to follow common sense, because they didn't as relates to 9/11. While Bin Laden and his crew committed heinious acts there were steps the FBI failed to follow up on, which is what Bin Laden is counting on. It is sad that everytime something major happens, that new laws have to be enacted. Usually the laws already on the books are good enough, if they are enforced, and people use a little common sense. I mean when someone doesn't want to learn how to take off or land, only to fly while in mid air, that should raise some concern. There is a saying I heard that I often repeat, Common sense ain't so common anymore. Sad but true