Thursday, September 27, 2007

Trouble at Shea ..

I don't pretend to know everything about sports. I am a fan like most everyone else, and as Pete Franklin(who was one of the original hosts when WFAN went to all sports) said, "Fan is short for fanatic". It means we are passionate about the teams we root for. We talk losses hard and celebrate important wins(including ones over hated rivals no matter when they occur). That said, I wish I knew what is going through Willie Randolph's head. While the offense is doing well, the bullpen is imploding. They can't hold a lead to save their life. Does he trust anyone in the pen besides Billy Wagner? Is there a reason why, at this late date, he's using six or seven guys on a regular basis when not one of them is getting the job done? I hope for his sake that he gets in the playoffs, otherwise the fans in New York will be screaming for blood. Losing a seven game lead with three weeks to play is not something that happens all the time. Whether it is fair or not, the manager is going to take the heat if they fail to make the playoffs.